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Cameron Jones is the man behind CAM SUZUKI. It started out by been a hobby on a weekend going off roading in his Suzuki Jimny when he was always needing spare parts he then decided to buy a spare Suzuki Jimny as parts for his off roader. When he sold all the parts he didnt need such as the interior etc he realised they was a huge demand for suzuki jimny spareparts then buying a few more the business soon taken off. Now Cam Suzuki is buying new suzuki jimnys to break down into spares on a weekly basis. Also Cam Suzuki Sells undamaged Suzuki Jimny 4x4`s from the earliest 1998-recent models.

About us

Our Goals


To maintain the highest quality standards for our parts.

To provide the best customer service possible.

To work with Suzuki Jimny owners to improve our service.

Our business is part of the, Thornton Breaker Group which is a Family Run business and was established by Peter Jones in 1985 where he dismantled cars, then in 1993 he began to specialise in light commercial vehicles. Now at Thornton Breakers they are Breaking 4x4s and specialising in just them since 1998 and are celebrating 25 years in business this year. So with all that experience backing our company we endeavour to provide you with only quality spare parts for your pride and joy.